Koh Tonsay also called Rabbit Island is another one of those Cambodian islands that is quickly becoming a hot bed for tourism. This beautiful southeast Asian island is located off the southern coast of Cambodia and is a spot where you will find amazing temperatures year round that make this a fantastic place to vacation.

Because tourism is a new thing to the nation, these islands are an incredible place to visit because they are so pristine and Koh Tonsay is no exception to this rule. This is a fantastic place to enjoy a great day out on the beach or to spend some time swimming or snorkeling in the water. You will truly have a great time here without a doubt.

koh tonsay rabbit island cambodia

A Little About Koh Tonsay Island

The name Koh Tonsay is translated as “Rabbit Island,” and is in the Kep Province of Cambodia. It is a little less than one square mile (0.8 square miles) in area, and is located about two miles south of Kep town.

The only way to reach the island is by boat, and there are several ferries that come to and from the island each day. They start at local ports along the shore, and there are a few that travel in between the islands. This makes it so that tourists from other islands can come to Koh Tonsay, as well as those visiting this island being able to see other ones. The trip by boat to the island is about 25 minutes.

This is one of the least developed of the tourist islands. You will not find a power grid here, so there is no electricity at all. There are no motor vehicles on it at all, and there is a very small population of people that live on the island. Most who do are involved in the fishing industry, as this was nothing more than a small fishing village for decades.

For those who are looking to go old school and avoid the captivation of modern conveniences, this is the place to go. You will not have electricity, running water, or even cell phone capabilities. This is roughing it like people had to do a hundred years ago.

koh tonsay rabbit island cambodia2

Because of the lack of electricity, the sunsets and the view of the stars are absolutely beyond words. You get no obstruction from big city lights so you can really get some views of the stars like you will see in few other places.

Getting to the island by ferry costs about $8. This is for barebones accommodations. Many join tours to the island that include lunch and a great day out there. These can range up to $30 per person, but the amenities make it well worth the cost. Other companies off boat trips here, but they fill up fast, so if you are visiting the area make sure that you make your arrangements well in advance of arriving in Cambodia. You can also rent a boat and come here on your own but that can be rather pricey.

koh tonsay rabbit island cambodia bungalows

What to do on Koh Tonsay Island

The main attraction is the 600 meters of absolutely beautiful beach. These white sands beach area are unbelievable, and because the island has had such a small amount of visits by tourists it is incredibly pure looking. Pristine is not an accurate enough description for this beach area, as you will find that it looks so clean, as do the waters around it.

In the island area of the island you will find very little in the way of manmade intervention. You may see as many as a dozen huts that are used by the people who live there, and there are some that are setup for visitors. These have just become available for tourists to rent for the night. These bungalows do not come with a whole lot of amenities. They have a bathroom, and you can take a shower, but there is not much else to it than that, and the showers are generally very cold. That is perfectly fine, as it can get quite hot on this island, so getting a cold shower is actually quite refreshing.

Many decide to camp out on the island as this is one of the best places on earth to enjoy a great night out under the stars. You will not believe how peaceful it can be there, as there is so little noise to disturb you and the view is truly spectacular.

You will also see that there are several hammocks and chairs that are set up for those who come to the island to spend the day. You can lay out in the hammocks or just sit back and enjoy a day sitting around in the sun.

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You will not find a whole lot of places to eat on the island. There are a few seafood places to get some food from, but even if there are few, the food is phenomenal. You will be amazed at how well it is cooked there and it is not difficult to find a seat. The prices are very affordable, but you should be aware that the variety of what is available to you is not large. It is a small menu but a good one.

Many love the vegetation that you will find all over the island, especially in the inland. Along the shore line you will see a lot of amazing palm and coconut trees, and you are welcome to sample a coconut or two. The island has an amazing interior where you will find a lot of really beautiful and interesting animals to see. A large number of threatened and endangered animals are found in Cambodia, and you will see some of these on Koh Tonsay.

Many like to hike around the island for the day. It takes about three hours to see it all, but it is well worth it. You can tour the island on your own, or you can join an outing and get a tour of the island. These tours can show you the most sensational and unique parts of the island, and last about three hours as well.

Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island) MAP

Map of koh tonsay rabbit island cambodia

This is an island, so the waters that surround Koh Tonsay are unbelievable. It starts with how much you will enjoy swimming. These waters are amazing and the current around the island is such that you will find it very enjoyable to swim. Just be aware that there are large number of jellyfish and sea anemones that are found around the island. Be careful when you are swimming to not get stung.

If you like to snorkel or scuba dive then you will be loving it here. The coral is fantastic, and you will be amazed at all of the creatures that are living among this coral. The shell fish are plentiful and make for some incredible shells to collect and bring home. You will also see some of the most amazing fish on the planet.

Your choices for snorkeling or scuba diving are numerous. You can opt to rent the equipment and go out on your own. You can get maps and guides that will tell you the best places to go and look, or you can join a tour and see what the island has to offer by following a guide. If you do not know how to scuba dive or snorkel, you can even learn and they will show you the skills. Even if you do know how to scuba dive but would like to get better at it you can learn some techniques that will improve your skills.

For those who love to fish, you will find a whole lot to love about Koh Tonsay. You can rent equipment and go out on your own, either along the shore or rent a little boat and go out deeper in the water. There are even tour boats that will take you out to the deep waters and give you an amazing day looking to nab the catch of the day. The costs are extremely reasonable and you will love the water for sure. Getting stung by one of these creatures can really ruin your vacation.

A Final Note

While there is not a lot in the way of infrastructure, some of that is improving. There is work on adding a small power grid that will supply power to the bungalows that tourists can rent. By the time you decide to go it is likely that this will be done, and you will have power until 10 pm each night. Whether hot water will be available soon is not known.

The bungalows come with a bed, a bathroom, and a table. There is not a whole lot to them, as the government does not want to the island to lose too much of its rustic and natural look. Even as it adds more innovations, you should expect that it will keep its natural look.


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